Account Intelligence Services

Identifying an Ideal Customer Profile is a Step Away

Know your customers to outreach their expectations

The marketing and sales operations of any business can ripe benefits only when the strategies are leveraged to target the right prospect by addressing their specific needs. Earlier understanding the preferences, needs, decision-making process and limitations of the client was a technical hurdle to surpass. But with the application of account based approach that focuses on a particular customer profile companies have been able to know their audience on a personal level before tailoring a campaign or a sales pitch to make the business interaction seamless.

DemandNxt’s Account Intelligence Services are designed to cater salespeople and marketers with the following information:

  • Full insight into customer profile for targeted campaigning
  • Pointing out the right companies and their best people for business communications
  • Assisting sales team on how to engage with potential customers
  • Discovering the right time when prospects are interested in purchase

Obtain complete 360° view of company/specific individual customer profile

Get general contact information like name, job role/title, email address, mailing address, phone number, fax number, etc.

Access detailed information on organizational structure, decision-making hierarchy, associated executives, and influencers of the company

Know your targeted prospect’s online activities, social media profiles and more

Exclusive information on investment, finances and purchase history

Stay updated with information on technologies and the different enterprise applications used by the company in focus

Contact Level Intelligence

  • Name, Email, Phone (Direct Numbers wherever possible), Address
  • Social Media Profiles, Online activities


  • Job title, career, roles and responsibilities
  • Reports to?

Role in purchasing (Influencer / Decision Maker)
Key executives and their background

  • Former companies
  • University affiliations
  • Non-profit affiliations

Business Level Intelligence

  • Scale of operations
  • Business structure
  • Products/services
  • Budget for this year
  • Revenue and workforce size
  • Total Assets
  • Average Budgets
  • Purchasing History
  • Mergers & acquisitions history
  • Purchase History
  • Technologies Using within Company (ERP/CRM/Cloud..etc;)

Sales Trigger Events
Industry trends and drivers
Organizational structure and decision making hierarchy

How we excel in converting data into intelligence?

Fetching actionable intelligence from a vast gallery of multi-sourced data is indeed a tedious job for many but not for us. We at DemandNxt make use of robust mechanisms that help us assist our clients in deriving value from their data pool.  We deliver the best with the help of:

Rich In-house Data Repository

A storehouse of more than 50 million records.

Strict Verification Process

Ensuring data accuracy with tele and email verification.

Expert Team of Data Scientists

More than 150+ data researchers work day and night.

Track Market Events

We keep our database updated with latest trends and advancements.