CRM Data Enrichment

Enriching Data to Extract Valuable Insights

Getting rid of outdated, duplicate or incorrect CRM data is no longer a hassle.

Have you ever thought why your marketing campaigns are failing to fetch desirable results? The answer may be ambiguous for many. That’s because often businesses ignore the fact that contact databases are subjected to decay with the passage of time. Old data needs to be replaced with the right one to help both the marketing and sales team prioritize on leads that are likely to get converted.

To enhance the efficacy of your marketing campaigns and sales interactions, we at DemandNxt work towards providing CRM data enrichment services aiming to preserve and maintain the accuracy of data. We enrich your database with fresh contacts and help you to understand your buyer’s persona so that sales and marketing professionals get access to the correct data at the right time to reach customers in the most efficient and targeted way.

The Pain Points We Address:

  • Failing to reach the right prospect due to errors in CRM database
  • Battling to figure out whom to target and whom not
  • Duplicate data causing delay
  • Increasing amount of manual data enrichment
  • Unable to segment target accounts
  • Lack of coordination and cooperation between sales and marketing team

Our Solutions that Unburdens the Load:

  • Replacing duplicate records with the recent ones
  • Filling incomplete data entries
  • Validation and verification of entire CRM data with our accurate and updated data repository
  • Renewal of obsolete or wrong information
  • Data segmentation based on multiple selects including industry, geography, job title, and more
  • Keeping CRM data ready for use by sales and marketing executives for seamless communications

Our expertise outrages many in the field. Adhering to the commitment of delivering the best, we have designed our CRM Data Enrichment services to extend support to the sales and marketing team whose strategies mostly fail due to improper alignment of contacts in the CRM database. Leveraging our services, businesses can make informed decisions using well-organized data for successful lead generation.