Email Marketing

Email marketing is nothing but using email for marketing purposes. Every email dispatched to a potential or current customer could be regarded as email marketing. It typically involves utilizing emails to dispatch ads, to offer business opportunities, request sales or donations and has the goal to ramp up loyalty, trust and brand awareness. Using the company’s quality deliverables including white papers, webinars, product trials and other we generate quality leads. eNewsletters are one of the tools employed by us for lead generation.

Business Challenges

  • How to utilize email marketing to achieve sales and marketing goals
  • How to leverage email marketing to the maximum
  • How to nurture relationships after getting a lead
  • How to create brand awareness on a low budget
  • How to upsell and cross sell to customers

How DemandNXT meets your business’s challenges

  • Craft effective and engaging emails that give rapid response.
  • Reach out to many people via email marketing
  • Nurture relationships through email marketing and make sales.
  • Evince interest in your business by sending elegant and effective emails
  • Send emails at regular intervals to keep the relationship alive.
  • Use readymade templates that have been tried and tested to achieve best results
  • Send customized emails tailored as per the preferences and the taste of the client.
  • Once a customer makes a sale, in the future there are opportunities for cross selling or upselling to him. This can be achieved by following up at regular intervals.
  • Send gentle appointment reminders via email.
  • Collect user reviews by soliciting for them through email. This will help know the reputation of the brand and correct/improve product and service offerings.

Email marketing remains a potent tool in the digital age to forge relationships and make sales.